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How it works

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To facilitate your sending of documents requiring proof of receipt

The Avisarex service allows you to send various documents with close tracking and proof of receipt for easy day-to-day management of your operations.

When you create your Avisarex notification, it is transmitted according to your choice by email and/or text message (SMS).

You will receive a link to view the status of your notification.

Each time an event occurs, you will receive a notification, these events can be a confirmation of reception, reading, downloading of an attached file or an error.

The status of the request as well as all events are displayed in the status page. It is also on this same page that you can print the report.

It is important to keep a copy of the email to be able to view the status and print the report.

If the message has not been read after 2 days, a single reminder is sent back to the recipient.

Go to Avisarex without delay and click on New notification.

In a few clicks, you can write your message and attach an attachment. You can send this document by Texto, Email or Texto+Email. And you will only have to wait for the emails from Avisarex which will give you real-time updates on the progress of your notification.

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